Protective measures

In order to comply with the measures taken by the Federal Council (Ordinance 2 COVID-19, 818.101.24) for the protection of Clean-Up Tour participants, employees and third parties, Summit Foundation has set up a “Covid-19 Protection Plan”.

Measures for participants:

  • Participants are invited to collect waste in small groups, respecting safety measures, in particular the physical distance of 2m.
  • It is recommended to bring aprotective mask (covering the nose and mouth) and to wear it when the minimum distance cannot be kept.
  • Participants disinfect their handsbefore and after the event the clean-up. Disinfectant is available on the Kiosk counter. It is recommended to bring disinfectant gel to use throughout the day as needed.
  • It is also requested to bring a pen in order to be able to validate the participation at the beginning of the day.
  • Participants are required to use the rubbish bags provided. The bags must beclosedwhen travelling between the times of waste collection.
  • Participants are required towear protective gloves. It is recommended that you bring your own gardening gloves. However, gloves are also available at the Kiosk.
  • When collecting used masks, handkerchiefs, toiletries and paper towels, grey plastic bags (provided by the foundation) must be used. The collection procedure is indicated to the participants at the Kiosk by an employee of the Foundation. These plastic bags are immediately closed with a knot without being compacted and then placed in the largest bag available.
  • At the end of the collection, the participants bring their bags back to the sorting point, next to the Kiosk. At most two groups sort the collected waste into the appropriate bins. The waste in the dedicated plastic bags is deposited directlyinto a separate bin.