This year’s Clean-Up Tour is taking on a new form in order to make it easier for destinations to take part in a clean-up operation and to enable everyone to take part in a pick-up operation in compliance with the protective measures put in place by the Confederation.

The Clean-Up Kiosk will be on the road in the Swiss mountains from 13 June to 19 September 2020. Pick-up procedure for participants:

  1. Register at the stage of your choice (see calendar below)
  2. Announce yourself at the Clean-Up Kiosk at 9:00 a.m
  3. Receive your Clean-Up Kit and the most important information about the collection process
  4. Proceed to pick up
  5. Take the waste back to the Clean-Up Kiosk until 4:30 p.m

Also refer to the sections: Getting ready for collection and Protective measures.

In order to comply with the Federal Council’s measures, participants will be asked to collect in small groups, respecting security measures. Only one person per group will report to the Clean-Up Kiosk to register, collect the collection material and receive the main information. This is to facilitate compliance with the measures taken by the Confederation. In addition, the Summit Foundation has drawn up a “Covid-19” protection plan specific to the Clean-Up Tour 2020, which is available on request.

Aware of the complex situation in which ski lifts and Swiss Alpine destinations currently find themselves, the Summit Foundation wanted to relieve the latter by offering a ” ready-made ” solution.


28.03.2020 – Xtreme Verbier – Annulé

24.06.2020 – St.Moritz

27.06.2020 – St-Luc

27.06.2020 – Grimentz

27.06.2020 – Vercorin

27.06.2020 – Les Diablerets

04.07.2020 – Les Crosets

21.07.2020 – Charmey

29.07.2020 – Parsenn Davos

30.07.2020 – Parsenn Gotschna

06.08.2020 – Parco Val Calanca

07.08.2020 – San Bernardino

08.08.2020 – Airolo

15.08.2020 – POW X Andermatt

29.08.2020 – Veysonnaz

05.09.2020 – Birtel

29.09.2020 – Cabane des Diablerets (CAS) (Inscription dès le 07.09.2020)

Title Address Description
27.06.2020 - Les Diablerets
Chemin du Collège 2, 1865 Les Diablerets, Suisse

Clean-Up organised by Les Diablerets Tourisme

28.03.2020 - Xtreme Verbier - Annulé
Verbier, 1936 Bagnes, Suisse

– Cancelled –

Clean-Up organised by Xtreme Verbier (Freeride World Tour)

14.01.2020 - Verbier Freeride World Qualifier
Verbier (télécabine), 1936 Bagnes, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by Freeride World Qualifier.

The Clean-Up

13.08.2020 - Verbier E-Bike Festival
Rue de Médran, 1936 Bagnes, Suisse

Clean-Up organised by Verbier E-Bike Festival


15.08.2020 - POW X Andermatt
6490 Andermatt, Suisse

Clean-Up organised by POW X Andermatt

20.06.2020 - Cabane du Mont d’Or à Vallorbe
1337 Vallorbe, Suisse

Clean-Up organised by CAS Diablerets-Vallorbe

Sign-up Finished

05.09.2020 - La Robella Val-de-Travers
La Robella, 2115 Val-de-Travers NE, Suisse

Clean-Up organised by La Robella Val-de-Travers


27.06.2020 - St-Luc
Saint-Luc, 3961 Saint-Luc, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by Anniviers Tourisme et Funiluc


27.06.2020 - Grimentz
3961 Grimentz, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by Anniviers Tourisme et les Remontées Mécaniques Grimentz-Zinal


27.06.2020 - Vercorin
3967 Vercorin, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by Vercorin Tourisme et Télévercorin


06.08.2020 - Parco Val Calenca
Parco Val calanca

Clean-Up organised by Parco Val Calanca


07.08.2020 - San Bernardino
San Bernardino, 6565 Mesocco, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by Ente Turistico Regionale del Moesano

08.08.2020 - Airolo
6780 Airolo, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by Funivie Airolo Valbianca


12.09.2020 - 7Peaks Brasserie X Morgins
Route de Bas-Vièze 83, 1875 Morgins, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by 7Peaks Brasserie


29.08.2020 - Veysonnaz
Veysonnaz, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by Veysonnaz Tourisme


04.07.2020 - Les Crosets
1873 Val-d'Illiez, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by Région Dents du Midi


21.07.2020 - Charmey
Charmey, 1637 Val-de-Charmey, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by TéléCharmey


30.07.2020 - Parsenn Gotschna
Davos Dorf, Parsennbahn, 7260 Davos, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG


29.07.2020 - Parsenn Davos
Davos, Suisse

Clean-Up organise by Davos Klosters Bergbahnen AG


24.06.2020 - St.Moritz
7500 Saint-Moritz, Suisse

Clean-Up organised by Skiclub Alpina St.Moritz


05.09.2020 - Birtel
Frankfurt-Strasse 21, 4053 Basel, Suisse

Clean-Up organised by Birtel


29.09.2020 - Cabane des Diablerets (CAS)
1865 Ormont-Dessus, Suisse

Clean-Up organised by Club Alpin Suisse (CAS) – Section Jaman

Cannot find what you are looking for in the Clean-Ups listed above? Other associations also organise actions, perhaps closer to your home or on dates that suit you better: